Monster Mash-A-Mania

srs monstermash withmidgets Bon-Fire after the races Friday Night and Kids Trick or Treat on Sat Night                                                                                                                                               Monster Mash-a-Mania USAC/IMRA SpeeD2 Midgets E/B-Mods Hornets (4 cylinders)      E-Mod Rules:

Engine: Same Rules as DirtCar Pro Modified Rules Except

602 Factory Sealed can run a 4 barrel carb (NO float less carbs allowed)

360 Engines must run 4412 500 Holley 2 Barrel out of box. Choke horn must remain stock, No Polishing 360 Cubic Inch Maximum with cast iron heads. No aluminum heads or blocks, roller cam, or magnetos. May use screw in studs, stud girdle, roller tip rockers, aluminum intake, and after market exhaust. Roller Tip Rockers must use 3/8 or 7/16 standard rocker studs on GM engines. Must use 4412 Holly 2 Barrel Carb

[No tear down on Crate engines that are factory sealed] Track has option of swapping crate engine for crate engine to have tore down to check for legality. ANYONE CAUGHT CHEATING WILL Lose All Track Points, Money and be Suspended One Year Starter may be stock or after market. May use stock or front belt driven fuel pump No belt drives off of or out of bell housing CLAIM: $3525 $3500 to owner $25 to wrecker Claimed driver may swap Any driver who refuses to sale, swap, or disobey tear down rules, will lose all money for said event, and lose all season points for year. Also could be barred one year from infraction and fined $500 or both.

All other Rules same as DirtCar Modifieds Except:

(One shock per wheel. LR traction shock must be vertical)

Shock claim is $125 per shock. (NO Exchange) No Schrader Valve or remote reservoir shock. 2019 will be same Shock rules as DirtCar Pro Mods. Top four cars are subject to claim. Claim must be made by driver immediately after their feature along with cash. Refusal of claim will result in loss of winnings and points for that night. NO Bump Stops

Transmission: Same as UMP, EXCEPT, No belt driven equipment out of bell housing

Bodies: Same as UMP Except can have a 5” spoiler measured from top rear deck to top spoiler.

Tires: Front tires Hoosier A40S or M30 (NO Grooving) (REAR ONLY M30 or M60 or G60 RR ONLY (NO Grooving ANY Tire) NO Softening of any tire

Weight: 602 Factory GM Sealed Engine ---- 2400 Non Crate or Non Factory ---------- 2500

Hornet/E-Mod/Midgets Feature Purse 40 Plus Cars

1 $2,500 2 1200 3 1000 4 700 5 600 6 500 7 400 8 300 9 250 10 200 11 150 12 150 13 150 14 150 15 150 16 150 17 150 18 150 19 150 20 150 21 150 22 150 23 150 24 150 25 150 26 150 27 150 28 150 29 150 30 150 TOTAL Possible $31,950

October 19th and 20th

Friday Saturday

Qualifing B Main

Heats Features

Dash E-Mods 50 Laps Midget 50 Laps Hornets 100 Laps

Purse is based on 40 cars in your division which shouldn't be a problem 30 to 39 cars it will pay 2nd down $125 to start 24 car feature 20 to 29 cars it will pay 3rd down $100 to start 20 car feature 15 to 19 cars it will pay 5th down $75 to start feature

If over 60 cars in your division add $500 to win and Non Qualifier Race Non Qualifier purse to be announced then.

Hornets yellow flag laps count first 70 laps, last 30 green flag laps only

E-Mods all 50 Laps green flag laps only

D2 Midgets 50 laps. 10 minute break for fuel after 25 laps. NO Tires

E-Mod/B-Mod if your legal at Spoon or Pro Modified rules you are good. 360 max, steel head, no roller cam with Holley 4412 two barrel unaltered Factory 602 can run four barrel (NO floatless carbs) Hornet rules will be posted. Nothing special Pre-Registration Forms can be found on Spoons Wensite under Rules Pre-Entry covers driver's pit pass & transponder rental on Fri. night and transponder on Sat night $100 pre entry by 10/10 (After $125)

Fri PP $30 Sat PP $35

Monster Mash-a-Mania Hornet Rules

1 Only 4 cylinder engines allowed

2 NO Rotary and NO Turbo Charger engines allowed

3 OEM Shocks only. NO Racing shocks allowed

4 NO Racing rims or wheels allowed NO Beadlocks

5 Only DOT Street legal tires

6 Stagger allowed

7 5 mount racing harness required

8 Fire Extinguisher required

9 Fire Suit and Gloves required

10 Window net recommended

11 Battery must be in a covered box

12 Roll cage minimum 1 1/2 inch dia tubing. 4 point mount floor to roof. X brace behind driver seat. Two braces roof loop to trunk floor cross brace at dash, full roof loop, 3 bars in drivers door and at least 2 in passenger door.

13 All glass and plastic must be removed from car

14 Other than that if you are SCDRA, UMP or IMCA Legal you are good to go. 15 Have Fun and Good Luck