Breaking News: Spoon is Closed for the rest of the 2020 sesaon. Look for some exciting news coming for 2021 at the Spoon!!

Cooler size 10x14x12 Tall (NO Exceptions) $10 everytime thru gate. NO Food or Glass

NO Large Purses, Bags or Backpacks Allowed | No Dogs Allowed in Grandstand Area

Regular Race Admission (Specials will Vary)

Adults $10 | Kids 10 and under FREE | Coolers $10 | All Pit Passes $30

Transponder Rental $5 | Pouches $20

Rule Changes for 2020

Rules Changes in 2020

 To help keep classes competitive

E-Mod Rule Changes for 2020

6200 Chip on all engines

You must provide your own chip. (We will check it)

ONLY one Box Allowed in car

NO Digital or Dial Boxes Allowed

Unless running a HEI Distributor than you are allowed the MSD 8727 CT Soft Touch Rev Limiter (Refer to Dirtcar Pro Mod Rule)

In addition to 2018 shock rule,

NO Capped shocks Allowed

 ONLY Steel Driveshafts Allowed

Pro Late Models Changes for 2020

6600 Chip

You must provide chip. (We will Check it)

NO Digital or Dial Boxes Allowed

ONLY one box Allowed in car

DirtCar Modifieds refer to Dirtcar Rules

SpeeD2 Midgets refer to IMRA Rules (Tracy Hull)

DirtCar Hornets Rules same as 2018


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