2016 Fan Information

SRS LOGO web SmallLewistown, IL - Feb 15 2016 - Spoon River Speedway has announced the following fan information regarding their 2016 Racing Season.  Updated will be available here at the new


SpoonRiverSpeedway.com and our facebook page.  


No Fire Arms will be Permited on the Spoon River Speedway Property. If you are caught with a fire arm you will be prosecuted and Barred from Spoon.


NO Backpacks, NO Overly large Purses

NO Food, NO Glass and NO Openly carried in Drinks allowed

NO Animal's in Grandstand area                                                                                                                            

Cooler's may be carried in maximum 10" Wide X 14" Long X 12" Tall. NO EXCEPTIONS

It must fit inside container Box. NO FOOD or GLASS. $5 everytime through the gate

All carried in items are subject to search and refusal

For more info call 309-649-3329.

Physical Address,

16736 N.Speedway Road

Lewistown, ILL  61520

Track Phone: (309) 668-2622