Breaking News:  Tickets go on sale today for the Castrol Oil FloRacing Night in America Super Late Model Race on Wednesday Night May 11th. Go to to get your tickets for this event. Save $5 by buying in advance

Cooler size 10x14x12 Tall (NO Exceptions) $10 everytime thru gate. NO Food or Glass

NO Large Purses, Bags or Backpacks Allowed | No Dogs Allowed in Grandstand Area

Transponder Rental $5 | Pouches $20

Transponders Come to Spoon In 2016

Now that I have everyone fired up we have talked it over and decided to change our transponder policy. A long with this change there will also be no point fund for 2016. We have talked to our Division Sponsors and they have agreed with this decision. We will split their sponsorship money up on some specials throughout the year. So all pit passes will be $30 except for specials which will be TBA.

You can either buy a transponder for $250 (Transponder, Charger, Pouch) that you can use at other tracks (that use the Westhold yellow system) or rent one for $10 a night Plus Driver's License. If you have a Westhold yellow transponder it will work with our system is what they told me and that will work also. Just show us the serial number. If you want to purchase one it takes roughly one week to get it. Most tracks are going in this direction and Spoon would like to keep up with all the changes in racing.

We believe this change will benefit both the Driver and Fan's. As a racer I understand the cost but as a Promoter I have to look at whats best for racing at Spoon. This will take away any judgement at the line, speed up qualifing and the racing show. Thank You Promoter SRS Brad Denney


To start 2016 transponders will be used for the D2 Midgets and UMP Modifieds. Other Classes may be added as the season moves along. We hope to have all classes on them in 2017 Driver’s have the option of buying their own for $250 (Includes transponder, charger and pouch) or renting one for $10 a night Plus Driver's License. Pouches will be for sale at the track for $15.


1 – Each driver will receive a serial numbered transponder at pill draw each night, the driver will be responsible for that transponder for that evening. The driver must turn in their rented transponder at payoff to receive that evening’s pay! NO EXCEPTIONS! $50 fine if not turned in that night! 2 – Be sure your transponder is mounted in its proper location. (Under RR Axle Tube) If there is a question about the location see Spoon River Speedway’s Director of Competition at the Driver’s meeting. 3 – If your transponder is lost or damaged you will be charged $185.00 replacement cost before being allowed to race at Spoon River Speedway’s next racing event! 4 – You must have your transponder in for hot laps! 5 – It will be your responsibility to see that your transponder is on your car for every race you are in that evening. If you do not have your transponder in you will be BLACK FLAGGED for that race! 6 --Every car must have a Transponder Pouch! No duct taping or any other form of attaching your transponder will be allowed.


1 --Raceceivers will be MANDATORY in  ALL CLASSES except 6-Shooters! The track NO longer sales raceceivers. They can be purchased through Speedway and you will receive them in a couple days. It is your responsibility to have one when you arrive at the track.  Default channel 454.000 will be used for ALL CLASSES!


1 – Payoff will be at the Concession Pay Out Window. Your Rented Transponder will be required at the time that you pick up your check. Checks will not be mailed!

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