Breaking News: All Events prior to May 9th have been Cancelled per the Govenors mandate because of the COVID-19. When he opens the State back up with more than 500 gathering we will reopen. Thank You 

Cooler size 10x14x12 Tall (NO Exceptions) $10 everytime thru gate. NO Food or Glass

NO Large Purses, Bags or Backpacks Allowed | No Dogs Allowed in Grandstand Area

Regular Race Admission (Specials will Vary)

Adults $10 | Kids 10 and under $3 | Coolers $10 | All Pit Passes $30

Transponder Rental $5 | Pouches $20

9/26/15 UMP Hornet Results

  Hornets                  Race Results       9/26/2015
Heat #1   FEATURE
1 Derick Deford           1 Jeremy Reed    
2 Kenny Butterfield           2 Derick Deford    
3 Dion Smith           3 Steve Jones    
              4 Adam Webb    
Heat # 2   5 Kenny Butterfield    
  6 Dion Smith    
1 Jeremy Reed           7 Rick Deford    
2 Adam Webb           8 Cody Maddox    
3 Steve Jones           9 Rob Brummett    
              10 Robert Mendenhall    
    11 Josh Gamblin    
  12 Dallas Strauch        
              13 John Jackson        
              14 Charles Treadway        
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